Fabrication Guide


Both band and circular saws can be used. prevent overheating by feeding slowly.


Boardlite is compatible with all kinds of woodworking tools such as: saws, sanders, routers, planers, lathes, oscillating tools, CNC carving machines nail guns, rotary tools and drills, etc. You do not need any special equipment to work with Boardlite .


Use conventional drills, but be certain to remove free drill chips in order to avoid overheating of the sheet. Also, use slow rate of plunge


Sheets can be welded by hot air welding / fusion welding processes conventionally used for PVC.

Lipping/ Edge Band

Traditional PVC/Wood edge bands and paper tapes can be used with Boardlite. with great ease.


All kinds of wood routers (fixed base or plunge) can be used with Boardlite. sheets to ensure that you get the best mould of you chose


Boardlite, due to its adaptability with existing woodworking tools such as jigsaw, CNC, laser cutter, makes it possible for you to get the variety of fret done.


Aesthetic racks or cutouts for commercial and residential use can be easily fabricated and painted using Boardlite.They can also be used as is, without paint, due to the unique and smooth finish of Boardlite. smooth finish, they can be used as is on your racks and cutouts.

Glue Adhesives

Conventional adhesives and glues work smoothly with Boardlite and can be used to put together any fabrication or design.


Boardlite can be easily bend to any dimension by using heat based bending tools.