Technical Properties


Material: acrylic modified high quality impact resistant,white unplasticised poly vinyl chloride extrusion to produce a rigid Multi-Chamber Extrusion

Grade Reference: SYN10 white 01

Physical Properties: complies with BS EN 12608 2016

Colours: White

Apperance: smooth, white, non-porous gloss surface.

Surface Finish: stabilized against UV light to prevent excessive color shift. It meets the requirements of BS EN 12608 when used in the EU moderate climate.

Sound Insulation: 30db Minimum

Thermal conductivity at 20C: typical test value 016W/M C Shows that UPVC has a low thermal conductivity and virtually constant over a wide temperature range.

Heat reversion: To BS EN 12608 clause 5.5

Heat ageing: To BS EN 12608 clause 5.7

Resistance of impact: To BS EN 12608 clause 5.6 class 2

Heat resistance softening Point: To BS EN 12608 minimum vicat softening point is 82 c for 5kg.

This is well above the requirements of the UK and German specifications.

Apparent Modulus of Elasticity: BS EN 12608 =2200mpa ISO 178 = 2350mpa.